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Welcome to this site I built with sticks and colorful yarn. I am a crazy cat lady indeed.

This website is the home of my webcomic, All the World's a Roulette, which is, in summary, a pile of drawings about a conceited antihero and a righteous do-gooder who begrudgingly work together to "save the world" n junk. Among other things. I, Starr Law, am the author, creator, writer, artist, web designer, etc. etc.... I'm pretty much a one-person team, though I do get help with ideas and story concepts from some of my friends and family. I've been working on this idea since I was probably a junior in high school, and most of the progress happens on my couch or bed. I live in the USA, where I spend 90% of the time I don't spend creating things daydreaming about my own characters, pumping myself up for the next time I sit down and start writing or drawing again. My goal is to draw this entire story and have an amazing time doing it. I invite everyone reading this to join me on my journey and help make it even better.

If you would like to contact me, my business email is gremlurkshere@gmail.com. I also have many different social media accounts, the ones I visit most often being YouTube (where I post speedpaints, advice, rants, and gameplay), Tumblr (where you'll see what a trash can I am - also this is the most timely way to get ahold of me), deviantART (not daily anymore, but I do post art and answer all messages), Twitter (where I post ALL my updates!), and my Personal Twitter (which has all the updates + a lot of garbage). I also have a Patreon, if you want to support me and get rewards for it.

I'm not going to put my age here because then I would have to come back every year and change it. So instead, I'll make you do the math! My birthday is April 17th, 1996. I'm an Aries, for all you zodiac (and Homestuck) fans out there. You can say I remind you of Terezi. So many people already have, and it bothers me exactly -10%. I primarily use Easy PaintTool SAI and Photoshop 7.0 for my art, as well as a Wacom Intuos tablet. Don't look for an update schedule, because I don't have one. For those of you that are reading my comic and want m o r e, I have a All the World's a Roulette Tumblr blog where you can see my extra illustrations and sketch dumps (and smut), and a All the World's a Roulette Facebook page you can Like.

I really hope you enjoy my webcomic and my characters! ❤