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8th Aug 2016, 9:09 PM

Okay!  So... I haven't updated in almost a year and I feel TERRIBLE about that.  I don't even know what happened.  There was an OCT and moving boxes and visiting family and just... so much stuff, as well as a major artist's block and lack of motivation (which is what originally caused me to stop working on the comic).

A quick update: I am changing the font in all the current pages to Steel City Comic, which can be found at 1001Fonts.com, and it's free for commercial use.  I changed it because the previous font, Comic Book, was not, and I want to be precautious in case I ever do make money off my art. I'm also snipping out the scene that page 5 transitions to (with Boss and the Chief alone in his office) because I found it took the focus away from the first scene too quickly and may have confused the narrative.  I decided to go ahead and do this since I'm still so early in the drawing process.  I can afford to redo one more page.

Also, one good thing that has happened since I "left" (I never really left, I just wasn't drawing comics): My YouTube channel is finally active and I have a schedule and plans and such.  I unfortunately do not have a schedule set for the comic updates yet because I don't know if I can do five pages a week yet, and one page per week sounds agonizingly slow for the viewers.  So I'm sticking to uploading whenever I finish a five-page bulk, but the difference this time is that I am integrating the work into my schedule.  I will upload videos every Thursday, and in between making videos I will draw as much as possible, whether it's the comic or personal art or commissions.  This does not mean the bulks will be uploaded every week, it just means I will definitely be working on them every week.  But I am determined to get back on this comic.  It's time to get JR off the ground.

Thanks to anyone who has been watching the comic for being so patient.  I hope it's not too late for you to enjoy the story. =3

Re-planning and Re-drawing

30th Sep 2015, 1:09 PM

I took a look back at my original script and realized that a lot went unexplained in the actual comic as well as some things later being rather juvenile-sounding and even badly written.  The comic was too blocky with the 4-part plan thing going on (I plan WAY ahead).  Now I'm going to mix things up a bit to give it a more natrually flowing structure, a deeper story, and actual exposition.

Beginning with CHAPTER 0, the entire comic will be re-drawn (which isn't much since I'm only at 20 pages).

To be frank, I haven't had the motivation to get any further than that, which was really my fault.  I was too busy writing random roleplays that had nothing to do with the canon story and otherwise being lazy.  I'm still going to be lazy, but I have more confidence in the story now and much better writing skills that I picked up from some admirable sources.  So far, hiatus isn't the best thing for me (though in a way, it was to give me time to fart around and finally come to the conclusion that the story needed to be modified), but I'm not quite sure what I'll do for uploads.  I'm thinking I'll ditch the schedule for now, and just upload based on bulk.  5-10 pages per update: how does that sound? =3 That way I can still work at my own pace and have little minestones to motivate me.

So, I guess I will see you in 5 pages, since ch. 0 is already written and ready to be drawn. <3

Temporary Hiatus Drop

23rd Jun 2015, 8:12 PM

I am breaking my hiatus for the next 8 pages in order to give some more content for a contest I'm entering JR in.  So, until page 18, the hiatus is broken!  Huzzah! :3

HERE is the contest, if anyone else is interested in entering.


14th Feb 2015, 1:07 AM

I know it's a little early for any of that, but I'm running slow on updates, and it's embarrassing.

If you haven't read the comment under my most recent page, I will in fact be putting this comic on a hiatus for awhile.  But, never fear!  I will be working my arse off to get tons and tons of pages drawn and colored and ready for the internet!  I will just be holding off on posting them for quite awhile until I have enough to set up my not-so-long dreamt of schedule of twice per week.  This un-hiatusing will likely not occur until I am good and settled in my new home.  I have several months of school left to get through before I graduate, and then it's off to Arkansas!  However, I may lack internet for awhile once I am moved.  So, once that is up and ready and delicious, I promise to start posting as soon as possible again.

I really hope anyone who comes across this comic will put it on their back burner or something for later because I do plan to return with so much more development on it and a better grip on the scheduling and what not.  Also, since I'm an indecisive little cat-girl, I am currently considering scratching my previously mentioned idea of splitting the comic into two points of view, and just sticking with Julie's ALREADY SUPER LONG (as planned) point of view, leaving room for some shorter side stories.  I'm pretty scared as it is taking on this kind of commitment, and I don't want to get burnt out!

Not to worry guys.  I'll still be on deviantART everyday to update more often on my ideas and art and everything else.  You will likely get a warning there, and possibly here, shortly before I move.  And as for Julie and her new alien target, they will see you all soon enough.

Bye for now! <3

We're off to a good start!

14th Dec 2014, 6:02 PM

And I have SO MUCH planned for this comic.  I think I'm over-doing myself, but man am I excited.  To give a basic idea of how I'm going to be organizing everything in the future, there will be three books, each with two arcs with parallel points of view from the same two characters: Julie and Eileen.  Each arc will have however many chapters it takes to finish it, and who knows how long each chapter will be.  Though, I can tell you now that (Arc 1) chapter 1 will be very long while chapter 2 will be very short.  That's about it for now!  ENJOY MY SLOW-ISH UPDATES HAHA! <3

~Starr Myers*